Schedule of Fees

*PROPOSED PLAN/IDEAS: The numbers listed below are reflected based on our suggestions and can change due to the scope of work or schedule of start of project. Pick your plan 



Note: ***Combine any two or more plans to save money*** 

***Save up to 10% with two plans, and 20% with three or more***


  1. GMB Plan Get listed on Google’s Business Directory:

    1. Includes all copy, editing, and management

    2. 20 GMB posts during the agreement

    3. Location Focus:

      1. Target your ideal audience area

    4. Includes Reporting

    5. GMB Page Set-up = $350 (one time cost)

    6. $350/Month Agency Fee

      1.  6-month agreement 

  1. GOOGLE Plan Campaigns:

    1. Search Engine Ad Creation/Set up/Monitoring:

      1. Running of 2 Google Ad Campaigns at the same time:

      2. Includes A/B Testing 

    2. Budget planning with intelligent software for efficiency

    3. All-time spent on strategy, copy, editing, and management included

    4. Includes Reporting

    5. Location Focus (focus on the targeted area(s) only)

    6. Google Ad Campaign Set Up = $350 (one time cost)

    7. *(Ad spend is not included in price)

      1. *($750-$2,500 Ad Spend Dollars Suggested)

    8. $700/Month Agency Fee:

      1. 6-month agreement

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING (FaceBook & Instagram):

    1. Facebook/Instagram-  Social Page Creation/Management:

      1. Increase brand recognition, awareness, impressions, and optimization on Facebook and Instagram

    2. 120 still posts for Facebook and Instagram during agreement (time and planning included):

      1. 6 of the posts will be videos (includes all editing time/planning) during an agreement:

        1. Create more online engagements w/ video (All videos under 1-min long to attract the most attention)

    3. 50 engagement-driven Story Posts for Facebook & Instagram during an agreement:

      1. A newest and most popular tool to reach an audience on social media

      2. All post copy, editing, team meetings, and research included

    4. FB and IG Page set-up  = $350 Each (one time cost )

    5. $350/Month Agency Fee (both included)

      1. 6-month agreement

  1. FaceBook Campaigns (Sold Separately) 

    1. FaceBook Ad Campaign Start-Up = $350 (one time cost)

    2. *(Ad spend is not included in price)

      1. Suggested $250-$650/month ad spend (separate cost)

    3. FB set-up  = $350 (one time cost if needed)

    4. $450/Month Agency Fee 

      1. 6-month agreement

  1. YouTube – SocialPage  Management

    1. 12 YouTube videos during the agreement

      1. All videos will be under 2 mins long and will be quick explainers, informative, or sales related

      2. All content is planned, edited, and posted for you on YouTube

    2. Get placement on YouTube, one of the largest/fastest growing social media platforms

    3. YouTube set-up  = $350 (one time cost if needed)

    4. $650/Month Agency Fee

      1. 6-month agreement

  1. YouTube Ad Campaign:

    1. 12 different YouTube Video Ads posted, set up, and maintained by our team of experts:

      1. Includes video creation, and editing

      2. All tagging, copy, and keywords, and research included

      3. Location focus and targeting of your ideal audience included

      4. All scripting, planning, and editing time included

      5. Monthly emails and reporting included

      6. Ad adjustments and maintenance included as needed

    2. YouTube Page Set-Up = $350 flat

    3. YouTube Ad Campaign Start-Up = $350 flat

    4. $450/Month Agency Fee 

      1. 6-month agreement

      2. *(Ad spend is not included in price)

        1. Suggested $350-$750/month ad spend (separate cost)

  1. Standard Website Design

    1. Install WordPress

      1. Seo friendly website

      2. On-page Seo with Yoast install

      3. Mobile Responsive

    2. Install essential plug-in contact form 7

    3. Create theme as per your requirements

    4. Create pages as responsive layout

    5. Premium theme customization

    6. Content uploading

    7. Contact page, slider, gallery, about, testimonial, etc.

    8. Website Set-Up = $450 flat (10-15 Business days)

    9. Changes to plan can increase cost

  1. Premium Website Design

    1. Includes the options for Standard Design

    2. Professional Business website

    3. E-Commerce

    4. Membership 

    5. Landing Pages/Funnel Pages

    6. Booking/Listing

    7. Affiliate

    8. Google Adsense

    9. Marketplace

    10. 20 Product Uploads

    11. 30-Days Customer Support

    12. Website Set-Up = $750 flat (14-20 Business days)

    13. Changes to plan can increase cost

  1. Deluxe Website

    1. Includes both Standard and Premium Website Design

    2. SSL Certificate Configuration

    3. 60-Days Customer Support

    4. 50 Product Uploads

    5. Fully Custom Website

    6. Website Set-Up = $1150 flat (up to 21 Business days)

  1. Custom Website

    1. Tailored website based on client needs

    2. Website Set-Up = Free Quote-based selection(up to 21 Business days)

Any Social Media Page set-up $350 each (one time cost).  Email, Call, or Text we have many other services we provide.

***Note:  New clients 50% deposit required on total monthly cost***  

*** All set-up one time cost are only charged one time for each set-up***